Public Safety

As a 35-year retired law enforcement professional, I know first-hand the importance of public safety in a community. I have been on the front line of that fight both professionally and as your advocate in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. Having served on both the League of California Cities, Public Safety Committee and as the Chair of the National League of Cities, Public Safety & Crime Prevention Committee, I have worked to strengthen laws that protect both public safety and the rights of individuals.

In the wake of the Borderline shooting, I proposed, and worked with state-level legislators, to address issues within the laws that make it easier for law enforcement to protect us from those that would wish to do us harm. I led the charge to institute a change in how the Prohibited Possessors list was enforced at the local level rather than being left to the marginally effective California Department of Justice. The result led to a 3-county pilot program, complete with funding, that, thus far, has demonstrated that local law enforcement knows best how to police its jurisdictions.

The devastating impacts of urban wildfires have also had significant impacts on our community. We must continue to work with all the stakeholders to improve mitigation, preparation, and response to these potentially devastating events.

Maintaining public safety within Thousand Oaks is, and will always be, a top priority. This is OUR home and I will do everything within my power to protect it!

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