Open Space

One thing that sets Thousand Oaks apart from other cities is the significant amount of open space that surrounds our city. The early councils were wise to consider this and this has led to the ongoing purchase and protection of additional acreage whenever possible, of which I supported and voted in favor of during the time I served previously on council. Protected open space is essential to the integrity and character of our community. We are also blessed to have the fantastic Conejo Recreation and Park District that continues to add to the number of parks throughout the city for our enjoyment. The City partners with CRPD on many projects to the benefit of all our residents.

In response to Covid-19, our trails and many others around us were required to be closed for a period of time. Never has it been more evident just how important our local trail system is to our residents. I, like all of you, heard the cries from our friends and neighbors who rely on those trails to provide not only exercise but opportunities to relax and decompress both before and at the end of a day and on weekends. Our trails, and all others that make up our scenic surroundings, are just one more thing that make Thousand Oaks such a special place to live, work, and recreate!

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