The Issues

“Thousand Oaks residents have every reason to be proud of our city.”

Public Safety

As a 35-year retired law enforcement professional, I know first-hand the importance of public safety in a community. I have been on the front line of that fight both professionally and as your advocate in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. Having served on both the League of California Cities, Public Safety Committee and as the Chair of the National League of Cities, Public Safety & Crime Prevention Committee, I have worked to strengthen laws that protect both public safety and the rights of individuals.

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Fiscal Responsibility

My record of fiscal responsibility is demonstrable and verifiable. In the past I have voted in favor of programs that have reduced spending, eliminated unnecessary positions, and capitalized on savings. One particular program I supported resulted in the shoring up of our employee retirement system with the re-financing of previously unfunded obligations. This restructuring resulted in a savings of $30M to taxpayers over the next 15-year period.

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Protecting the environment for future generations is everyone’s responsibility. As a member of your Council, I will continue to seek out opportunities to advance technologies that show demonstrated results toward that goal. I am proud of my demonstrated record and will continue to advance projects that protect our planet for those who follow us.

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I believe cities, not the state, should dictate the character of their community. Thousand Oaks has long been known for its stance on growth, a position that has served us well for the past many years. The one-size-fits-all approach being legislated at the state level may work for large metropolitan areas, but it completely ignores the fabric and lifestyle of Thousand Oaks.

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Open Space

One thing that sets Thousand Oaks apart from other cities is the significant amount of open space that surrounds our city. The early councils were wise to consider this and this has led to the ongoing purchase and protection of additional acreage whenever possible, of which I supported and voted in favor of during the time I served previously on council. Protected open space is essential to the integrity and character of our community.

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Covid-19 Response

The full impact of Covid-19 on our community is not yet known, but it’s no secret that many are hurting — all of us impacted in one way or another. What we do know is that hundreds of local businesses have been forced to shutter their doors, placing thousands of our family, friends and neighbors out of work. This financial hardship will not go away as quickly as it came.

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