The Issues

“Thousand Oaks residents have every reason to be proud of our city.”

Public Safety

Our outstanding school system, quality parks and open-space areas, award-winning libraries, and our reputation as the No. 1 safest city in California and No. 4 in the United States give us ample reason. These rankings are not by accident and represent an unwavering commitment to maintaining public safety as the No. 1 priority in our city.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Thousand Oaks is well-run and fiscally sound. During the city’s most recent budget cycle, I worked with others on the council to ensure that we lived within our means and presented a balanced budget. I am capable of making the difficult decisions and did so when it came to personnel and service-level reductions. While these were difficult decisions at the time, I know that they were the right ones to make and I will continue to keep us well positioned for the future.

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Thousand Oaks is a leader in green energy and I am proud to have been part of the progress in that area. More than 50 percent of our vehicle fleet utilizes alternative fuels and we are continuing to increase that number. The award-winning Hill Canyon Wastewater Treatment Plant not only produces nearly all of the power that it needs on a daily basis, but the effluent released is then sold for reuse at a profit of nearly $1 million per year.

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The issue of housing is a statewide problem that cannot be ignored. To address the crisis, politicians in Sacramento continue to sponsor bills that encourage development of housing units in cities. In some cases, these bills mandate that development be allowed without concern for local housing ordinances or planning requirements. I have been an active voice in opposing any sort of “by-right” development that would erode local control and oversight. Imagine an eight-story building being allowed to be constructed, without any review or public process, simply because it was within ¼ mile of a transportation corridor. This is what one Sacramento legislator thought would be good for all cities.

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Open Space

One thing that sets Thousand Oaks apart from other cities is the significant amount of open space that surrounds our city. The early councils were wise to consider this, and this has led to the ongoing purchase and protection of additional acreage whenever possible. We are also blessed to have the fantastic Conejo Recreation and Park District (CRPD) that continues to add to the number of parks throughout the city for our enjoyment. The city partners with CRPD on many projects to the benefit of all our residents.

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